VIGMA, to Exchange Experience and Choose Best Games of the Year

Video Game Media Awards or VIGMA has decided to create a festival with world-class standards in order to choose the best games of the year. Therefore, only critics of video games in Iran are involved in the judging process.

VIGMA team consists of the video games media such as Bazi-Center, Bazinameh, Donya-ye-Bazi, Zoomg, and Vigiato. VIGMA is known as the first video game event in Iran held entirely by the press and critics. For that, this festival is second to none in the country and among few known festivals in the world.

Alongside the festival itself, there is a conference section in which top experts in the video games business will talk and share their experiences with others. Applicants can participate in these workshops and conferences to improve their knowledge of video games.

What VIGMA Wants to Achieve

VIGMA plans to become a credible and reliable festival even beyond Iran’s borders, and seeking that goal, we will accept submissions from regional game studios in the next few years.